Developing European agriculture to meet the farming challenges of tomorrow

We are an alliance of agricultural distributors, cooperatives, unions and private retailers across 14 countries.

All of our Members are experts in agronomy and leaders in agricultural supplies, from seeds to crop protection and fertilizer.

We're connected by our common goals

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The prosperity of our Members, suppliers and growers

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Ensuring food supply security across Europe

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Advancing sustainability in farming practices

How Novafield helps


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We can set up trials, advise on product positioning, accelerating maximum sales levels and supporting products at the end of their lifecycle. Our goal is to maximise your success throughout the European market.


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If you work with a Novafield Member, you can be assured of their access to the latest innovations, digital technologies and developments in agronomy, informed by real experience from all across Europe.

What we do

Unique trials network

Every year we conduct more than 150,000 trial plots through our unique trial network across Europe. This tests growing itineraries to determine whether new products, technologies and techniques produce repeatable results under reallife farming conditions.

Research and investment

In collaboration with our members and R&D organisations, we are continually developing cost-effective technical solutions and productive farming practices that respect the environment.

Expertise and knowledge-sharing

Novafield provides a platform for Members to exchange knowhow, experience and best practice. This strengthens our mutual expertise in agronomy, environmental management and sustainable farming.

Anticipating tomorrow

We stay ahead of the curve, anticipating tomorrow’s technical, regulatory and ecological issues. We have ears to the ground all across Europe through our members, partners and outreach.